The Most Portable SUP Yoga Anchor Ever

The Most Portable SUP Yoga Anchor Ever

Learn how to carry a 10+ lb paddleboard anchor in your pocket! We know, sounds bold, so hear us out.

We have been busy behind the scenes coming up with some exciting new stuff. One of these things is the most durable, no-frills, ultra-portable, super-light, super-heavy, mega-rad paddleboard anchor for fishing, yoga, or whenever you find the perfect place to take a break.

We wanted a portable anchor with no corners or sharp edges, very little weight, and a highly portable design that can be easily transported and set up. Moving parts were out of the question as we believe that simplistic designs often offer the most effective solution. That's why we came up with the Micro SUP anchor!

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When you get one, it's going to arrive looking like this:

Now, how the heck is this thing going to hold your paddleboard in place? It's simple, just fill it with whatever rocks and sands are available to you at your location. 

Once you have your desired weight filled in:

1. Grab the two sides of the plastic buckle and pull them outward

2. Roll the top of the back a couple times (like a bag of chips)

3. Fasten the clip and you're ready to go!

Once the bag fills with water, it will become a significant amount heavier than before it was dropped in the water. 


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