Paddle Spot: Crater Lake

Paddle Spot: Crater Lake

From time to time we like to post paddle spots that we have access to from here in the Spokane area. Not too long ago, I made a visit to crater lake, where i snapped the above photograph. Although I did not have my SUP with me at the time, Crater Lake was definitely added to my bucket list that day, and I think it should be on yours too.

Crater Lake National Park is located not an hour and a half outside of Bend, Oregon, a paddle boarding hotspot here in the Pacific Northwest. This jaw dropping area is home to Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the United States at 1,949 feet! Photos of the lake's 5-mile by 6-mile surface are deceptive to cameras and truly must be seen in person to appreciate. 

Crater lake was created by the volcanic collapse of Mount Mazama about 7,700 years ago and has no water flowing into it, or out of it. Instead, rainwater and snowmelt replace its contents in a 250 year cycle. It's unique geographic traits keep the water very cold all year, allowing it to maintain its deep blue blue hue and crystal clarity.

TREASURE HUNT! The cold water temperature slows organic decomposition. Crater lake is known for the "Old Man of the Lake", a 30 foot tall tree stump that has been bobbing around the lake since 1896! The top only sticks about 4 feet out of the water, but the lake's crystal clarity allows the entire tree to be seen from the surface! 

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Grab your board, Crater Lake is closer than you think and as exotic as the farthest of destinations.

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Mike says:

You’re not allowed to bring any sort of watercraft into crater lake, check their website.

Weerbkage says:

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