Keith and Cara both enjoyed the joy of being near the water during their youth - Cara in her family pool and on the beaches in New Jersey and Keith on the shores of the Stillwater River in Montana.  After many adventures took them around the country and around the world, they found themselves drawn to the Pacific Northwest.  Lured by the friendly people, beautiful landscape, and expansive watershed, they decided it was the perfect place to start a new adventure.

Their quest was simple - help people rediscover fun. 

In 2011, they started a new business, Fun Unlimited.  In the beginning, they focused on affordable sports equipment rentals.  They wanted to allow everyone the opportunity to get outside and enjoy all the region had to offer whether it was done on a personal watercraft, a snow machine, or on a bicycle.  As the business grew, their vision grew as well.  They decided to focus on water sports and expanded the business to include boats, kayaks, and even stand-up paddle boards.

Recognizing that the sport wasn't limited to tropical waters, Keith and Cara realized that the Pacific Northwest was an ideal place for SUPs.  The expansive river systems and lakes the area is known for allow for nearly endless opportunities to use SUPs.  As customer interest in the sport grew, they saw a need - a stand-up paddle board that provided stability, durability, and versatility. 

They created Stillwater Outdoors to fill that need.

Their vision remained clear as they designed, developed, and tested multiple generations of boards.  They wanted a board that was stable enough for people of all ages, sizes, and shapes and that was versatile enough to be used for multiple purposes.  Utilizing Fun Unlimited, they tested their boards as rentals, putting them through brutal summers of intense use to ensure their durability.

Now they have a line-up of products they are proud to mark with their brand.  This doesn't mean their adventure is over, however.  Whenever they can find new ways to help people explore, exercise, and have fun, Keith and Cara head back to the drawing board and meet the challenge.

Join the adventure.  Find your balance.  Rediscover fun.