The Columbia River is North America’s 4th largest river by volume and the soul of the Pacific Northwest. The watershed it drains is larger than France and contains over 115 tributary bodies of water.  At the heart of this dynamic landscape is the city of Spokane and birthplace of Stillwater Outdoors.

Stillwater Outdoors was born out of a passion for exploring our area’s diverse waterways and the desire to share this experience with others. We began a paddleboard rental company in 2011 and it wasn’t long before we were designing our own paddleboards. After years of refining, we landed on a flagship worth its own brand and have been pursuing our dream ever since.

We are now on our fifth generation of boards and have created the best stand up paddle boards for people of all ages and sizes. Our great SUP boards have allowed us to easily and safely teach four year olds and 84 year olds to paddle and people ranging in size from 20 pounds to 300 pounds.  We can do this because our stand up paddle boards are tremendously stable and our three piece paddles are absolutely durable and easily adjustable in length (our three piece paddles work for both kids and adults, we will soon have a video showing how to swap out the durable SUP blade). Learning to stand up paddle board is easy with our stand up paddle boards and paddles; most people are up withing 30 seconds. We will soon be posting videos to help get you going safely and promise to have you paddling like a pro in no time.

Our stand up paddle boards were designed through thousands of hours of real-world use, not in a lab. Rigorous testing, customer use, and abuse has resulted in a product we believe. We don’t want you to worry about your equipment, so you can focus on more important things, like planning your next adventure.

See you on the water and be great today!

The Stillwater Team