Travel Anchor

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Why carry the extra weight of a traditional metal anchor? Our Micro Anchor rolls up and can be fit in any pocket. It is made with heavy-duty cordura fabric, which is extremely durable and will not scratch your vessel like a metal anchor would. When you're ready to hit the water simply unroll it, fill it with rocks or sand, click it shut, and drop it wherever you need to secure your vessel. Perfect for yoga, fishing, or when you find the perfect spot for a break. Price includes 15 feet of 555 para-cord (rope) and an aluminum carabiner, which can be conveniently stored inside the anchor when not in use.

  • Carabiner and 15 feet of cord included
  • Heavy-duty cordura construction
  • Rolls up for storage
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Safer than traditional metal anchors, less likely to damage your boat, kayak or SUP
  • Made in Spokane, WA