SUP Yoga: Let's get that Core Workin'

In the last decade, yoga and stand up paddleboarding have rapidly grown in popularity alongside one another. Both activities can be enjoyed at any intensity level, from a relaxing evening wind-down to a sweat-inducing, muscle building workout. Both are low impact on the body while providing considerable physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Neither has an age or fitness barriers, and a whole lot to offer once taken up.

It only makes sense that the two activities would combine at some point, becoming the recent SUP yoga phenomenon. In our opinion, this is among the best things to happen to either sport. We have come to embrace this trend and are currently pushing its development in our city, Spokane, Washington.

Why should you give it a try? Well, the same reasons we did!

It's a fantastic workout. You know those muscles you overlook at the gym, the little tiny ones you can't see in the mirror? Well, you're going to need them to master yoga on the water. Your body contains countless tiny muscle groups known as stabilizer muscles. While you can't flex them for that hotty across the gym, strengthening them will increase your athletic performance and prevent injuries. As you probably guessed, being unstable makes you engage these muscles. Some training on the water will improve your yoga form in ways your typical yoga session cannot.

It keeps you aware. Good form on the water means you need to be aware of waves, currents, winds, and edges of your board on top of what your body is doing. Staying in the moment means staying out of the drink, unless you get too warm, of course.

It keeps your movements fluid. Sudden movements mean rocking your board and jeopardizing your center of gravity. 

It's always different. Without the controlled environment of a studio or home, your sessions will never be repetitive again.

It's a ton of fun! Get out there and try something new! Cool off in the water, splash your friends, get some sun, take a nap, whatever you want. Just go for it! We promise you won't regret it!


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