Off Season?

Off Season?

For most of us, summer is paddleboarding season. For some of us, late spring and early fall are also a part of paddleboarding season. For the latitudinally fortunate, seasons are no concern and temperatures are comfortable year-round. However, a very select few are able to maintain the tropical paddle schedule no matter where they are. Hats off to them.

We are hitting late summer here in the northern United States, and we're a little upset here at Stillwater Outdoors. What are we going to do with ourselves all winter? How do I wind down after work without a balmy paddle?

It is very easy to get caught in this train of thought, but don't! In this article, I have included some photography to remind us all that winter is a beautiful time to be on the water. With some preparation, and the proper equipment, you can enjoy all of winter's quiet serenity from the comfort of your paddleboard.

Practice, practice, practice! Hone your balance this summer, so that you only get wet when you want to. This is the number one thing that will allow you to paddle this winter.

Get a dry suit! A dry suit will ensure your safety, should you fall in, as well as keep you warm while comfortably above the surface. 

Be Prepared! Bring a dry bag with a change of dry clothes and extra gloves. Hand warmers are highly recommended as well. A thermos is full of something warm to drink is a winner every time!

Talk a friend into joining you! We do not recommend paddling alone during winter. The buddy system is best!

Use the rest of the summer to practice your balance and gather the necessary equipment so you'll never have the off-season blues again!

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