SUP Backpack

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Finally, a durable, comfortable, easy to use SUP backpack! Our pack makes carrying your inflatable paddleboard, paddle, and pump convenient. Designed with trekking in mind, the padded shoulder straps hold the pack over the wearer's legs, allowing for a full range of motion. Waist and chest straps help keep your gear secure. This design opens up paddle destination otherwise difficult to access. Hike into a mountain lake, your favorite fishing spot, or set off to find something new. The folding design wraps around your equipment, saving you the hassle of trying to slip it through a narrow opening. This backpack can also be used to carry rafts, large tents, and many other cumbersome loads of outdoor gear!

  • Folding design makes packing easy
  • Padded straps hold pack over wearer's legs, maintaining range of motion.
  • Waist and chest straps keep pack secure