Inflatable SUPs: Benefits and Misconceptions

Inflatable paddleboards? Kinda like an air mattress, right?

One thing we have found over the last few years is that customers unfamiliar with inflatable paddleboards tend to approach them with pool toys in mind; something flimsy, slow, and fragile. 

However, modern materials and manufacturing methods have left our customers pleasantly surprised. Many renter's don't realize that they are on inflatables until we tell them when they get off the water, we like to save the news for the end!

Here at Stillwater Outdoors you are probably not surprised to find that inflatable boards are our preferred vessel. They adapt easily to your needs and constraints. In many circumstances iSUPS make the sport more approachable and more adaptable, here's why we prefer them:

1: Durability. Inflatable paddleboards, or iSUPs, are actually more durable than their hardbody cousins. We prefer them as exploring shallow rivers and lakes, like the one pictured above, is what we love to do most. We spent many hours patching fiberglass before we decided to specialize in inflatables, and we haven't looked back. They bounce off rocks, can slide over debris just under the surface, and can stand getting dropped or tipped over during transportation and storage.

2: Portability. Exploring waterways in the Cascade means we need to be able to hike our boards into mountain lakes. There are certain places where clambering up singletrack trails with a 12 foot board just isn't an option. Additionally, you can throw enough boards in your trunk for all five of your friends to join the adventure as well. They are also light and small enough to check onto flights with no additional fees.

3. Storage: Don't you have enough in the garage already? Are there months during the year when the weather doesn't permit paddling? We don't want anybody to be deterred from the sport by the formidable dimensions of the equipment. Inflatables roll up and can be stored next to your camping gear.

Thanks for reading and, as always, we welcome your feedback.




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